Greek Classics (Ελληνικές ειδικότητες) $11.25 to $21.75

All Greek Classics are served with a Side Salad. Add Feta or Kalamata Olives to your Side Salad for $1.35. Substitute a mini Greek or Athenian salad for $4.00.


PIKILIA (Combination Dinner) ~ $19.25 – A plate full of our Homemade Greek Classics… Chicken Riganato, Dolmathes, Original Souvlaki (Pork), Greek Potatoes, and your choice of Pastichio or Moussaka.


DOLMATHES (4 Pieces) ~ $13.50 – Seasoned Ground Beef and Rice wrapped in Grape Vine Leaves and topped with a Creamy Egg Lemon Sauce.


CHICKEN RIGANATO ~ $11.75 (1/4 Chicken) to $15.75 (1/2 Chicken) (All Dark or White Meat $2.00 Extra) – Chicken baked to perfection with Lemon, Olive Oil, and Oregano served with Greek Potatoes.


CHICKEN SANTORINI ~ $13.75 – Chicken breast stuffed with Spinach and Feta Cheese baked ‘til golden and served with Rice and Broccoli.


PASTICHIO ~ $13.50 – Layers of Greek Macaroni and seasoned Ground Beef topped with a Bechamel Sauce and baked 'til golden brown!


MOUSSAKA ~ $14.50 – Layers of Eggplant, Potatoes and seasoned Ground Beef with a Bechamel Sauce and baked 'til golden brown!


ROASTED PORK LOIN ~ $12.25 – Pork Loin medallions, slow roasted with Lemon, Olive Oil, and other seasonings served with Greek potatoes.


GRILLED CHICKEN (Low Carb) ~ $11.25 (1 piece) to $15.50 (2 pieces) – 8 oz. tender Chicken Breast grilled and marinated, served with a generous portion of Broccoli.


LAMB SHANKS ~ $21.75 – Succulent, falling off the bone Lamb shanks, baked in a delicious thin red sauce and served over Rice (Available FRIDAY and SATURDAY only).


ROASTED LAMB DINNER ~ $18.75 – Slices of slow-roasted Lamb topped with a Greek au jus, served with Briami and hand cut Greek potatoes.