From the Grill (Από τη σχάρα) $14.25 to $25.75

All From the Grill Entrées served with a Side Salad. Add Feta or Kalamata Olives to your Side Salad for $1.35. Substitute a mini Greek or Athenian salad for $4.00.


ST. LOUIS STYLE BBQ RIBS ~ $14.25 – Pork Ribs smoked and boiled until they fall off their bones, then grilled to order, and topped with our Tangy BBQ Sauce. Served with your choice of potato.


PORK CHOP ~ $15.50 – Two (2) center cut Pork Chops served with your choice of potato.


CLUB STEAK ~ $14.25 – Charbroiled to your satisfaction and served with your choice of potato.


PAIDAKIA SKARAS (LAMB CHOPS) ~ $25.75 – Baby Lamb Chops grilled, marinated, and served with a half order of Briami and hand cut Greek potatoes.



Tender chunks of meat marinated and grilled to perfection. Served on a bed of rice with a generous side of broccolli.

Lamb (1 Skewer) – $18.75

Chicken (2 Skewers) – $17.50

Beef Tenderloin (1 Skewer) – $15.25

Shrimp (2 Skewers) – $17.99

Mixed Grill – $25.75


BRIZOLA (NEW YOR STRIP) ~ $19.25 – 100% Choice strip steak charbroiled to your satisfaction. Served with your choice of potato.



A Greek Islands classic. Tender chunks of meat grilled on a skewer and marinated with Lemon, Olive Oil, and Spices. Charbroiled and served on a Pita with a side of Onions, Tomatoes, and Tzatziki Sauce.

Make it a Dinner! Add a Side Salad for $2.75

Add Potatoes and a Side Salad for $4.50

Original (Pork) – $10.50 Double – $16.50

Chicken – $10.00 Double – $16.00

Shrimp – $11.75 Double – $18.75

Beef – $14.50

Lamb – $16.00

Mixed Grill – $22.50