Vegetarian Specialties (Χορτοφάγες ειδικότητες) $11.75 to $13.99

All Vegetarian Specialties served with a Side Salad.

Substitute a House Salad for $1.99.

Substitute a Mini Greek or Mini Athenian Salad for $5.99.


SPANAKOPITA ~ $11.75 – One of our most popular appetizers is now an entrée. Crispy, buttered phyllo, filled with herb seasoned Spinach, Feta Cheese and other blended cheeses. Baked to a golden brown.


VEGGIE PASTICHIO ~ $12.99 – A must have for all vegetarians! A larger portion with layers of Greek Macaroni covered with Tomato Sauce, Mushrooms, grated cheese, and our Bechamel Sauce. Baked to a golden brown!


VEGGIE MOUSSAKA ~ $13.99 – A larger portion with all the taste of one of our most popular dishes but without the meat!


FALAFEL ~ $11.75 – Homemade Falafel created from Dr. Z's secret family recipe, a traditional blend that is second to none. Served on a Pita with Green Peppers, Red Onions, Cucumbers, and Lettuce with your choice of Tahini or Mint Feta dipping sauce.