Appetizers (Ορεκτικά) $4.00 to $14.00

GARDIDES SAGANIKI ~ $12.25 – Our signature Saganaki topped with delicious sautéed Shrimp.


CRETA FETA ~ $7.00Feta Cheese, fresh Tomatoes with Olive Oil and Oregano baked to a golden brown! Served with fresh pita.


KEFTEDES ~ $9.55 Homemade Greek-Style Meatballs scented with Mint, Dill, and other seasonings. Served with Tzatziki Sauce.


TIROPITA ~ $4.00 – A Greek savory cheese pie. Crisp, flaky phyllo wrapped around a blend of Cheeses, Eggs, and seasonings.


SPANAKOPITA ~ $4.50 Crispy buttered phyllo, filled with herb seasoned Spinach, Feta, and other blended Cheeses.


SIKOTAKIA ~ $8.50 Chicken Livers baked in the Greek tradition.


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